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Property Listings for Sale or Rent in Turkey

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Against Inflation

It is one of the most accurate investment tools in countries with inflation problems.

Stable Environment

Rapid value changes are seen in all kinds of crises. Real estate is always a reliable investment tool.

Low Taxes

The real estate sector is always subject to the lowest tax rates compared to other areas.

Strategic Location

Turkey is one of the countries to live in comfort. Its location provides a great advantage.

Aztek International Tourism and Investments

Aztek International Tourism and Investments was established on 08/02/2005 and since its establishment World Travel Service, Hot-Holiday, Bulgarian Travel Service (BTC), Full Moon Party, WTS Camps, WTS Education, Mydream Estate, Overseas Real Estate, WTS Luxury 9 different LUX* Resorts in Collection, Mauritius and Reunion played a role in the development and expansion of Aztek Tourism, respectively.

Greek Golden Visa

The Greek Golden Visa program is a law that gives the right to reside in Greece for foreigners investing in Greece, and it is a program that allows investors to apply for Greek citizenship.

The Golden Visa program allows investors to travel freely, work and study in Greece. In addition, investors can travel to other countries in the Schengen area.


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